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A leader’s ability to exhibit a creative, daring, and productive approach to solving organizational challenges is called innovation.

Great leaders have learned to take a leap of faith and allow others to take risks and engage in creative enterprises.

LL Workshop series ad-03-5The push to innovate requires bravery and creativity by definition, and involves challenging the status quo.

By instilling an innovative environment, leaders support their team in experiencing a sense of purpose and ownership over their work, because they are free to be creative and think outside the box.

This 1 or 2-day workshop blends the art of theatrical improvisation with mindful meditation and leadership development delivering a fun, practical and engaging experience.

Strategies for managing fear and risk are directly addressed and discussed.

Participants are trained in beginning theatrical improvisation.

The rules of improv are simple: Be spontaneous, Make your partner look good, Build on other’s ideas, and are directly applied to real-time organizational challenges in the workshop.

Mindful meditation techniques are utilized to further deepen and ground the work.