Leadership Landing 5 Attributes workshop 5 of 7

Leaders who inspire others operate on a higher, 'visionary' level

Leaders that exhibit excitement and enthusiasm for a shared vision unite and align people in a way that leads to success.

LL Workshop series ad-03-5Inspiration begins with that larger vision. An assembly line worker who believes he is contributing to the goal of making the world’s best cars approaches work much differently than one who only ruminates on the drudgery of stamping out the same part, day after day.

Leaders who inspire others have a fundamental appreciation of that difference.

Leaders cannot simply put a smile on what can be difficult, dangerous or monotonous work. Leaders must show a genuine appreciation for the challenges each employee faces and undertake the responsibility of making them feel valued by showing them how their efforts are critical to greater success of the company.

This one day workshop begins with a reflection of what leaders, messaging, value systems or stories are inspiring to participants and why

Building on an understand of how/why we are inspired by others, participants draft stories that articulate their own stories in interesting and inspiring ways.

Using actual messaging, participants practice articulating communications in an engaging/inspiring way

Participants practice by communicating actual organizational announcements to the workshop audience in an engaging/inspiring way