Leadership Landing workshop 7 of 7

Do folks in your organization build on each other’s ideas or tear them down? 

Friction is a natural part of growth. But it can become destructive if unchecked.

LL Workshop series ad-03-5At the root of all thriving business is the process of creation. Growth and change are essential to a thriving organization, but tension and conflict can result when people with contrasting creative styles come together.

People with different creative styles can find themselves bouncing off of one another in a way that ignites friction in the workplace. This friction can be engaging or it can be demoralizing, depending on whether people’s intentions are collaborative or antagonistic. Do folks in your organization build on each other’s ideas or tear them down? Friction at work can spur innovation, or it can yield crippling log jams of inaction, derailing organizational goals.

Coming to Peace is an integrative conflict resolution method that offers businesses a productive way to identify and resolve the interpersonal friction that can derail well-intended initiatives, and slow progress at work. The Coming to Peace conflict resolution method is different in that it teaches participants how to effectively access meditative technologies and solutions that holds the highest good for all participants, for the organization, and ultimately for the world. The Coming to Peace process connects people, bridges gaps, and builds trust, while simultaneously increasing communication, transparency, and efficiency.

“In a world where we have so little control, it may come as a pleasant surprise to learn that how we respond to the events in our life is entirely up to us. The only catch is that we must take personal responsibility for our experience, including our role in the conflicts we engage in with others.”
—Isa Gucciardi, Developer of
Coming to Peace process

In this class you will learn to manage the conflict resolution process of Coming to Peace. You will learn how to create the kind of environment where conflict and interpersonal communication can be managed skillfully in the workplace.

In this class you will learn:
      1. Successful conflict resolution strategies
      2. How to remain calm in volatile situations
      3. To address problematic behavior effectively
      4. How to create a productive, innovative, and successful workplace