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Intention + Action = Outcome

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Over the past month I have found myself thinking, and speaking (more on that below) about the simple formula of Intention + Action = Outcome. 

This simple formula is useful, as it offers a road map to help you steer through difficult situations with some grace and skill, and with the ability to correct your navigation if something goes awry. 

Mindfulness is the key to this process, and for this purpose we can think of it as the degree to which we’re paying attention to our intentions and actions, and the outcomes they produce.  Here’s the formula:

Intention + Action = Outcome

With these definitions:

Intention: What’s driving me right now based on the situation I see before me? Some flavor of Love: expansiveness, compassion or kindness?  Or some flavor of Fear: insecurity, anxiety or worry?

Action: Based on my understanding about what’s really driving me and what I assessed of the situation, what is the best next step?

Outcome: What’s happening now for others and inside myself as a manifestation of my action? How does this inform my intention and my next actions? And so the loop continues, over and over again.

For many of us, the holidays provide a perfect laboratory to experiment with these ideas. As we tumble headlong into this holiday season, we offer you a brief guided meditation for leaders, designed to help you stay in touch with your highest intentions, and your best self. You can find this free, no-strings meditation at the link below. 

'Finding the Leader Within' Meditation

I had the pleasure of discussing some of these ideas last week with Kim Virtuoso from All in Leadership in her podcast. If you are interested in learning more about mindfulness and leadership, please take a few minutes and check it out. 

Go to All in Leadership Podcast

Wishing you a holiday filled with health and light! 

Yours on the journey,

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