Jun 26, 2020 9:39:03 AM

In a world where you can be anything, be kind

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Awaken the leader within

Our sole purpose at Leadership Landing is to help leaders awaken great leadership within themselves and their organizations. Often that process starts with an idea.  Our blog explores questions and ideas that leaders face through the lens of the Five Attributes of Great Leadership. Come explore with us »

Self-Care: The most unselfish thing you can do  

It’s so easy to get pulled in right now. Illness, worry, recession talk, unemployment, isolation. Story after story in the news. I’m working hard to maintain a balance between staying up to date and allowing myself enough of what I need to stay...

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Sweats are good (but pants are better)

As we move together through the turbulence of this challenging time, I wanted to reach out and offer some support.  It is easy in times like these for our minds to run away from the present moment, perhaps ending up worrying or ruminating in...

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Intention + Action = Outcome

Over the past month I have found myself thinking, and speaking (more on that below) about the simple formula of Intention + Action = Outcome. 

This simple formula is useful, as it offers a road map to help you steer through difficult situations with...

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Dreams Come True

What do leadership, mindfulness, the Colorado Rockies, and dreams coming true have in common? Well, a lot as it turns out.

For me, the Colorado mountains have always been a place for peaceful reflection and deep grounding. Growing up 

in Brooklyn...

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Kindness: The golden rule

Kindness. In the best of circumstances, we are taught that the golden rule is to have this tenet guide our behavior and our way in the world.

As we grow up however, we realize that many people never actually internalize the golden rule. As we...

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Announcing the Kindness Workshop

Kindness is one of the Leadership Landing’s 5 Attributes of Great Leaders, and for good reason.Let’s look a bit here at how kindness sets the stage for organizational success.

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