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Sweats are good (but pants are better)

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As we move together through the turbulence of this challenging time, I wanted to reach out and offer some support.  It is easy in times like these for our minds to run away from the present moment, perhaps ending up worrying or ruminating in unhelpful ways.  Here are a couple of suggestions for ways to focus yourself that may be more helpful.  

First, here’s a link to one of our Leadership Landing meditations. It’s a short 15 minutes that can help you settle, be a bit more spacious, and give you a greater ability to relax and focus on whatever is in front of you. 


In addition, I’ve compiled a list of suggestions for creating calm in the face of uncertainty that have been helpful to us along the way. I encourage you to pick a few of the suggestions below and lean in. One of your most important jobs as a leader now is to take care of yourself so you can be of service as you lead others.

Start softly and quietly

  • Wait to be online for as long as you can in the morning. 5 minutes is good, 20 is better
  • Allow yourself to wake up slowly
  • Experience the quiet of the new day, the dark morning or the early sun, the sounds and sights
  • Notice your senses come back online (actually notice them)
  • Get some water and stretch a little
  • This morning hour is a great time to meditate if you have a practice and a great time to start one if you don’t


Get outside

  • Walk around the block, go for a hike a run or bike ride- be sure you work up a sweat at least 4 times a week
  • Move briskly, but not so fast that you can’t be mindful of what’s around you
  • Experience the sensation of your heart rate accelerating
  • Notice the movement of the air through your nose, mouth, lungs and the rest of your body
  • Get in the trees if you can, dancing in the rain is even better


Stay productive

  • Figure out a schedule that you easily stay with
  • Set your alarm and make your bed in the morning
  • Jump in the shower early in the day
  • Get dressed (sweats are good, pants are better ☺)
  • Read, write and engage in helpful and productive things


Connect with others

  • Relish your work calls and video conferences if you have them
  • Make a list of family and friends to call 
  • Allow yourself time after your calls to experience the effect of the contact
  • Calls are great- FaceTime or the like is even better


Eat well

  • Wait a little while before eating in the morning
  • Focus your diet on whole foods- with lots of vegetables and fruit 
  • Limit coffee and alcohol, drink plenty of water 


Be present

  • Look people in the eye on purpose and with warmth in your heart
  • Notice your emotions and allow yourself to receive any wisdom they are offering you
  • Source from love, not from fear (but notice and accept where fear is present)
  • Be present with your breath throughout the day


Engage with what makes you happy and at peace

  • Walk near the water
  • Feel the power of the mountains
  • Drink great coffee or tea
  • Listen to music you love  (really listen to it)
  • Play and laugh with your people (and of course, your pets)




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