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The Trustworthy Leader: A Training Program

When Amy Lyman—co-founder, Great Place to Work® Institute—asked me if I'd be interested in co-creating the training for her book The Trustworthy Leader, I literally leapt for joy.

I'd not worked closely with Amy since leaving the Institute in 2008, and the opportunity to once again represent their research filled me with excitement. With the basic premise of her book as a starting point (you can learn from the most trusted leaders out there, and as such, become more trustworthy yourself), we set out to create an explorative, contemplative, and experiential workshop for managers and leaders.

Two years later, I can proudly announce the release of The Trustworthy Leader: A Training Program for Building and Conveying Leadership Trust Facilitator's Guide Set.
Trustworthy Leader Training Program
The perfect balance of pragmatic and conceptual, this one-day or half-day workshop builds off of the model of trustworthy leadership—Honor, Inclusion, Followership, Sharing Information, Developing Others, Uncertainty to Opportunity—and leaves participants with a clear and simple understanding of how to be a more trustworthy leader.

Amy and I will be co-presenting at this year's Great Place to Work® conference in Los Angeles on April 17th and 18th. If you're interested in attending this simply fantastic annual conference, I suggest you jump onto the Institute's site and register. The conference has a history of selling out and it's for good reason.

Hope to see you there!

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