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Announcing the Kindness Workshop

Kindness_is_everything%21_-WomensMarch_-WomensMarch2018_-SenecaFalls_-NY_%2824937353927%29Kindness is one of the Leadership Landing’s 5 Attributes of Great Leaders, and for good reason. Let’s look a bit here at how kindness sets the stage for organizational success.

Team members with kind leaders generally feel seen, respected, valued and recognized. These team members tend to swell with dignity, engage more fully, try harder and be more innovative. Why? Because kindness is a super power that resources, empowers, and generally supports others to be the best they can be. Team members can’t help but want to be around it. Leaders that are kind have the uncanny ability to drive results throughout their teams while supporting their people to feel good about themselves, all at the same time.

Leadership Landing defines kind leaders as those that “exhibit empathy and compassion, and integrate the needs of the business with the needs of team members and colleagues.” Let’s look at the two parts of this definition.

The first part of this definition is to exhibit empathy and compassion. In the Kindness Workshop we look to define empathy and compassion, understand what it means to exhibit these traits, and take the opportunity to practice. We discuss the challenges in exhibiting these characteristics at work with different people and circumstances. We work to develop the characteristics of kindness so we can hold them in focus regardless of the situation or circumstance.

The second part of the definition is to integrate the needs of the business with the needs of team members and colleagues. In this part of the workshop, we dive deeply into practical discussion, acknowledging and working within the limits and parameters of the organization. Participants examine what motivates them personally, and learn how to act from their highest intention for themselves and others, even under pressure.

Think a Kindness workshop may be helpful for your team or organization? Find out more: CLICK HERE 

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