Feb 26, 2019 3:33:13 PM

Ten Insights from our First Ten Years

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Insight Ten: Strong Opinions Lightly Held

The last of our insight series—insight number 10—comes from a client that we worked with almost ten years ago.This client was an accomplished executive on the leadership team at her company. Clearly she hadn’t needed an executive coach in order...

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Insight Nine: Be Self Aware, Be Curious, Be of Service

If you are like most leaders, even though you have many great ideas, you have also encountered resistance to your ideas from others. Despite your best efforts, and your belief that you know what is right, others may not always share your view....

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Insight Eight: Trust-Neutral Interactions. No Such Thing.

Every Interaction is an Opportunity to Build—or Breakdown—Trust

If you're not thinking of every interaction as an opportunity to build trust, you may be getting in your own way.

There are no "trust-neutral interactions”.

I first heard this phrase...

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Insight Seven: Owning the Time in Between

One of the misconceptions about mindfulness that I run into regularly is the idea that living mindfully takes too much time. But, the truth is that incorporating mindfulness into a modern professional life doesn’t mean you need to sit formally...

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Insight Six: Applying Productive Pressure

Pressure—by definition—can be a great thing. Applying pressure as a leader can make things move and create momentum.

But how much pressure is good pressure?

The right amount of pressure makes things go, and when applied to people or teams, it is...

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Insight Five: Love and Fear


In every relationship and interaction, even those that are at work, we are motivated by either love or fear. This may sound like an oversimplification – and in some ways it is – but its true.

Think about it.

Pick a recent difficult interaction...

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